Insight / Interactive Curtain

Insight is an ambient communication media that intentionally draws somebody’s attention. The product is a modular attachment which can be placed on a conventional curtain to make it interactive. The visual direction of the person is detected with a face tracking software. If the user focuses on the medium the curtain will open and if he looks around the curtain will close. The interactive curtain is intended to protect the user from external deflection and to limit their field of attention so that their focus can be on the actual medium.


Double Trouble

The name "Insight" has a double meaning. The curtains block the world in sight and offers insight to the user. By Insight the user should get the insight that his focus deviates. The animated logo shows the curtain in a symbolic abstraction in the closed (crossed out) and opened (framed) state.


Stay focused

The software was implemented with Arduino and Processing. With the Open CV Library in Processing, the view of the person is tracked and sent via Bluetooth to Arduino. Depending on the data input, the motor closes or opens the curtain.


One fits all

The prototype is constructed to be modular. In the development of the construction, we set ourselves the goal to develop a prototype, which can be mounted in a few steps on a conventional curtain.


Mid 2017


Klara Frerichs, Nadine Afelt


Conception, Programming, Electronics, Product design